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SecureCheck™ – No Bank Account Required

Need direct deposit but don’t use a bank?  Want your federal benefits up to 4 days early?  That’s what we thought!

Through our banking partner, we can print your payment on-site and cash it for you.  Federal benefits, like SSI and SSA, are available up to 4 business days early!

SecureCheck™ also works with payroll and other recurring payments.

Visit any CheckChangers to sign up for SecureCheck™.  It’s quick and easy!  Just bring your current check and a photo ID.

CheckChangers does not charge a fee for this service.  While most people choose to cash their check with us (for which we do charge a fee), customers are free to pick up their SecureCheck™ payment and take it elsewhere.  MB Financial Bank does charge $3.45 per payment (subject to change) for this service.